5 Tips for Visiting An Amusement Park: Like a Pro

Heading to an amusement park? We got tips right from the source—Sr. Director of Theme Parks at FORREC shares 5 insider secrets on how to visit like a pro.


Planning to visit an amusement park as part of your March Break travel plans? Linda Hung, Senior Director of Theme Parks at FORREC shares five of her insider secrets on how to visit an amusement park like a pro. FORREC is the Canadian entertainment design company behind some of the world’s most incredible theme parks (including LEGOLAND Deutschland and Universal Studios Florida) and in her role, Hung has worked on the development of destinations including LEGOLAND Malaysia and Universal Studios Singapore. In a single year, she can spend up to 25 days visiting theme parks in North America, Europe and Asia. But she says every family can benefit from the following approach to planning their park visits:

1 – Pace Yourself.

Theme parks can be exhausting. I like to visit a park during the day, take a mid-afternoon break, and return in the evening to enjoy the nighttime show and see the park in a whole different light.


2 – Rise and Shine.

Mornings are prime time at the park. Get up early and make a run for the top signature attractions first thing in the morning before the line-ups grow throughout the day. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to squeeze in a second ride at the end of the day.

3 – Dress for Success.

Zippers and buttons are a theme park visitor’s best friend. Pockets that close will keep your valuables safe on wild rides, and ensure you’ve got a safe place to store your phone and other personal effects.


4 – Take in the Landscape.

A lot of the focus at theme parks is often on the rides, but don’t overlook the landscape. Many theme parks have beautiful landscapes and passive garden spaces that are a perfect retreat for a break between attractions.

5 – Stay on Site, if You Can.

I love to stay on-site in one of the theme park’s hotels for at least one or two nights of our vacation. It’s a very special feeling to be a VIP guest and is sure to make every vacation a memorable one.


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