What’s In Your Fridge?

Some people like to check out what’s in your medicine cabinet. But here at Canadian Family, what we really want to know is: what’s in your fridge? And who better to answer that question first than our very own Food Editor, LeeAnne Wright.

On the top shelf of LeeAnne’s fridge you can see some homemade sea buckthorn jelly and egg whites from the meringue recipe she was working on. You can tell she loves cottage cheese because we think we see at least three containers! There are two types of mustard, extra-thick sour cream and sundried tomatoes. Don’t freak out, but those are sweetbreads soaking in the measuring cup below the egg whites.

On the shelf below you can see two cartons of whipping cream (also from meringue recipe), chili sauce from a sticky chicky recipe, almond butter, mayo and juice. Crème fraiche is hiding in the blue-lidded Tupperware container.

Eggs galore! (The food section in the upcoming April 2009 issue of Canadian Family is devoted to eggs so she has a few for testing recipes.) See the cute little quail eggs? Buttermilk, hot sauce and Korean soju (if you are a Thirsty Traveller fan you will know what this is).

LeeAnne’s “go-to” cheese is Asiago because it has great flavour. Also there are Parmesan, Jarlsberg and cheddar slices. Next door in the meat area we have smoked pork tongues (gross!), peameal bacon and…dried shrimp?

The fruit drawer is mainly citrus with some red grapes and green apples. You may notice she has Key limes in there as well. She admits that the pears have gone a little soggy in the back there and the kiwi is squishy!

Finally, the veg drawer. Romaine, baby bok choy, acorn squash, carrots, red onion, garlic, ginger that is a little past its prime and fresh thyme. Oh and we think that we see some lemon grass at the front, too.

So here is the challenge: We want to see what’s in your fridge! Send all your fabulous fridge photos to feedback@canadianfamily.ca, and we’ll post our faves. Need some inspiration? Check this out!

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