Worth Trying: Green Tea Treats

When my husband and I were in Japan for our honeymoon in April, we discovered that green tea flavours are everywhere, and with good reason: they’re delicious! And green tea combined with chocolate and/or ice cream is just heavenly. If you find any of the products below anywhere in Canada, I encourage you to sample immediately, and then please let me know! You can also find some of these on jbox.com.
And, I should note that our diet in Japan did consist of more than just green tea treats.

Here is a sampling of some of our favourites:

Green Tea Oreo McFlurries
Okay, we’re mildly embarrassed that we visited McDonalds in Japan, but it was usually for these silky treats. We have plans to make our own at home with crumbled Oreos mixed into store-bought green tea ice cream.

Green Tea Oreo Bars
These are brand new in Japan, and we snapped up 20 or so to distribute to friends and family—that’s how much we liked them.

Green Tea Häagen-Dasz Ice Cream
A sinful alternative to green tea soft-serve ice cream, which is nearly omnipresent in Japan.

Green Tea Kit Kats
Instead of milk chocolate, the standard Kit Kat is enrobed in a green-tea flavoured white chocolate. We wolfed these down during hour 7 or so of our flight home.

Green Tea Caramels
Didn’t actually try these until we got home, as they were meant to be a gift for my team here at CF. That said, they somehow ended up taking residence on my desk. Consensus is these are also exceptionally delicious.

And, in a related aside, one of my favourite baker bloggers, Bakerella, posted this glorious green tea chocolate bundt recipe before I left for Japan. Now that I’ve sampled the deliciousness, I am now even more inspired to try it!

—Megan, CF‘s managing editor and editor of canadianfamily.ca

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