Tween Fashionista Blogger

Our très chic Associate Art Director showed us this blog and we were gob-smacked. While most of us have given up competing with the 6-foot, amazonian Fashion mag interns, it has recently been brought to our attention that even some 12-year-olds are better equipped to dress themselves.

Tavi, 12, is a Chicago-based blogger (with multiple blogs) who has been interviewed by the likes of Teen Vogue and Interview magazine. She adores everything from Commes Des Garcons (who have a line at H&M) and rapping, to thrift store (and mom’s closet) shopping and Bob Dylan (her favourite album is Blood on the Tracks). While her blog postings are generally suited to tweens like her, full of misspelled words and teen jargon, her obvious abundance of fashion knowledge and possibly a twinge of too-smart-for-her-own-good-ness has kept us reading.

Sadly, she has made us highly aware of the fact that our children (yes the ones wearing Bob the Builder tees and fuschia-coloured, floral cords) will soon be giving us style tips.

p.s. We especially love her pre-teen version of the Anna Wintour bob.

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