2 Great Ways to Beat Halloween Sugar Shock

Keep Halloween candy binges in check with these two fun, kid-friendly ideas


Does the thought of your kids feasting on giant Halloween hauls for next two months terrify you? Check out these two great ideas from our friends at Real Food for Real Kids that cut back the sweets without spoiling the fun.

Hoity-Toity Candy Tasting

Have your kids channel their inner connoisseur! On the kitchen table, line up one of each type of candy, in the same order, for each participant. Set up “spitting cups” in front of each child so they can spit out what they don’t like, and have some palette-cleansing water at each place. Start by sampling each candy in order, stopping to ask about the  texture, smell, taste, colours and shapes of each one. Keep a mirror handy so kids can watch their tongue change colour and use the opportunity to talk about the ingredients. Once the tasting is complete, let them choose a few of their favourites from the bag, and put away the rest.

Switch Witch

Give kids the option to trade up! After trick-or-treating, allow kids to choose a handful of candy they want to keep. The remainder gets left by the back door or on the front porch so that the switch witch can come in the night to swap it with either a mutually-agreed upon treat (like a book, toy, video game, etc.,) or a surprise gift.

How do you keep candy binges in check at your house after Halloween?

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