Two Mommy Designers Team Up

$78 for both, available through etsy or contact for further information

Good friends are hard to come by, but when you find one with great style that is when you can really say it is a match made in designer heaven. Just ask the lovely ladies (both moms with 5 kids between them) behind this fantastic creation.

It really is a combination of both of their talents: Kessa Laxton from Patouche is the mastermind behind a whimsical children’s fashion line which includes felt pirate hats and bonnets, pirate pants and an adorable red hooded caplet and her equally brilliant and talented friend D’Andrea Bowie who created the Pupa Pupa line of one-of-a-kind original, hand-made, natural and completely adorable stuffies, which we featured last April (Tumeric Tabby is still our favourite). And, together they have have created this: a combination of Pupa Pupa’s adorable dollies dressed to the nines in Patouche’s signature red riding hood caplet and accompanied by a not-so-scary wolf friend.

We imagine that one day while feverishly crafting in their impeccably designed workspace (while their perfect children played quietly) they both stumbled on to the idea of combining their brilliance at the exact same time.

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