Welcome to the New Canadian Family Forums!

We’re so thrilled to announce the launch of the Canadian Family forums! As of today, you can find them at forums.canadianfamily.ca for access to tons of moms, non-moms and moms-to-be, all sharing their advice, thoughts and feelings.

These forums evolved out of the forums on our sister site Weddingbells.ca—as women moved past their wedding-planning stages, they had formed such lovely relationships with each other that they decided to just keep on talking. What evolved was a robust BabyBells area of the forum—a space where those planning for a family or already in the throes of family life could share their concerns, their tips and answer each other’s questions. And there’s a lot of non-parenting-related chatter as well: they discuss books, movies, food, relationships, you name it! We decided to move the parenting and lifestyle sections of the forums over to Canadian Family so that we could offer the forum experience to all of you!

So, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of the forum users from Weddingbells.ca, and also welcome all of you who are new to forums. There’s a lot of great conversation happening in there already, so dive in! Chime in on conversations, or start your own. Browse the forums to see what’s being discussed, and then to start contributing, register here.

And you can always find your way to the forums by clicking on the little “Forums” link in the top right of the navigation bar (next to “Contests”).

We hope you love it.



One response to “Welcome to the New Canadian Family Forums!”

  1. april says:

    Too bad there is a ton of drama on there right now