Why You Should Never Let a 5-Year-Old Cut Your Hair

Check out this audio clip of 5-year-old Sadie explaining her decision to give her three-year-old sister a haircut.

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If you look at my baby photos, you’ll notice two things: first, I was all cheeks. Second, I was basically bald. While some babies come into this world with an impressive mane, I didn’t really grow hair until my first birthday (and even then, there wasn’t a lot to work with). As I got older, I was determined that one day I would have long, luxurious locks—or at least enough to put into some awesome braided pigtails like my friends. Which is why my mother was understandably confused when I, around the age of three, decided to give my short wispy hair a little trim with a pair of Crayola safety scissors. It was immediately apparent that cutting hair was not my gift.

I’m not sure what my reasoning was for cutting my hair, but I can tell you this: it was likely not as hilarious as this explanation from 5-year-old Sadie, who decided to give her three-year-old sister, Eva, “the worst haircut ever.” The girls were interviewed by their dad, WNPR reporter Jeff Cohen, who posted the audio clip on Public Radio Exchange.

One of our favourite sound bites:

Dad: “Why did you think she needed a haircut?”
Sadie: “‘Cause it was almost about down to her tush! And if she grew it any longer, when she wiped her butt her hair would, like, go into the toilet. And it would be gross.”

You can listen to the full exchange here:

Have your kids ever tried to cut their own hair?

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