Winners and HomeSense Launch ‘Shelter from the Storm Campaign’

We popped into our local Winners to pull some kiddie fashion for our Summer cover—we’re shooting it this week, and you’ll never guess who’s on our cover!—and noticed signs and merch everywhere for their Shelter from the Storm Campaign. It is a great cause supporting the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

To help support the cause, you can purchase from their array of t-shirts, triple-milled soap sets, umbrellas and reusable totes, and the net proceeds will go to community violence prevention programs and shelters for abused woman across Canada. Prices range from $1.49 to $12.99.

You can also purchase a decal (that are displayed in stores) in any Winners or HomeSense locations (price points include $2, $5 and $10), and you will receive a pin number that you can enter at to win some fabulous prizes.

Supporting a good cause for less than a week’s worth of Starbucks? How could you say no?

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