Andrew Shostak


What the nominator said:

Mr. Shostak… just mention that name to any student who has been through his Grade 6/7 class at Kelly Creek and you’ll get a smile. Kids are excited to be in his class. He makes learning fun but doesn’t let the kids get away with much. His good-humoured nature and smile are contagious. Kids get goofy nicknames and he jokes with all students. Every child is made to feel important. He empowers kids to believe they can be anything. Learning is very important to Mr. Shostak; he applied for a grant so his students would each have an iPad to study with in class… making learning fun makes the kids remember. Outdoor recreation and exercise is also a very important part of Mr. Shostak’s class. His class goes mountain biking, kayaking and has been on snow shoeing adventures. His students travel to the outdoor learning centre at one of our beautiful local lakes. They hike, learn fire-building skills and plant flowers.

Another one of Mr. Shostak’s accomplishments is spearheading the new bike and skateboard park in Powell River. It is state of the art and the kids love it.

Kids get to know Mr. Shostak when they enter Kindergarten, but they can’t wait to be in his classroom in Grade 6/7.

What tips do you have for parents on how they can help prepare their kids to get the most out of the school day?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. So many people become very frustrated when they try something new and they give up before they could even give it a great chance. This is a little saying that I found that I love to pass on to those around me: “Every pro was once an amateur. Every expert was once a beginner. So dream big and start now.”

If you win, how will you allocate the Teacher Awards prize money?:

I would love to continue to build on our school’s outdoor equipment inventory. Specifically, one of our primary teachers is trying to expand her class’ learning in the outdoors. Living in a coastal temperate rainforest, it rains here a lot during the winter. I would love to be able to purchase a supply of quality outdoor clothing for young students so that they can use the outdoors as a classroom throughout our winter months while staying warm and dry.