7 Excellent Books for Mother’s Day

Books to read with your mom, as a mom, to a mom or just cuz you are a mom...we love them!

We all want to raise readers…so why not treat ourselves (or a mom friend, or our own mom) to a book and a snuggle this Mother’s Day? Here are a few excellent books, geared to moms on this seriously special day.



Stop Here, This is the Place” by Susan Conley and Winky Lewis:

This stunning book is a story about two friends—a photographer and a writer in Portland, Maine, who tried an experiment. At the start of every week for 52 weeks Winky sent Susan a photograph, and by the end of that week Susan sent a tiny story back—a moment in time that talked to the photograph. The photographs were of their children, and the street where they all lived (only one house separated their two families), and of other green places in Maine.



Daily Motherhood: 365 Days of Inspiration for the Hardest Job You’ll Ever Love” compiled by Familius:

Every mom needs a pick-me-up now and then, so why not every day? With 365 gorgeously designed quotes about motherhood—one for every day of the year—Daily Motherhood is the perfect gift for every mother. This beautiful quote book will inspire, uplift, and energize moms, reminding them why they do what they do and recommitting them to the world’s greatest job: motherhood.



For Love: 25 Heartwarming Celebrations of Humanity” by Eugene Kim, compiled by Alice Yoo of My Modern Met:

This collection of highly creative and incredibly moving photo essays capture magnificent displays of ordinary people—parents and children, husbands and wives, grandparents, friends, siblings, and pet owners—doing extraordinary things for love. From the husband who wore a pink tutu all over the country to bring his sick wife joy, to a collection of portraits of people happy at 100, these heartwarming photographs will re-inspire mom’s faith in humanity.



Letters to My Mom: Write Now. Read Later. Treasure Forever.” by Lea Redmond:

Mom will truly treasure this keepsake forever. The 12 fold-and-mail-style envelopes (10 prompted, 2 blank) invite kids to capture memories and express gratitude for Mom, seal up the envelopes with the included stickers, and postdate the letters. When Mom breaks the seals in the future, she’ll receive an invaluable gift: a tangible reflection of her child’s love.



Mamasaurus” by Stephan Lomp: 

Reminiscent of “Are You My Mother” (another great book for Mother’s Day!), This colourful picture book follows Babysaurus on an adventure as he enlists his prehistoric friends to find his Mamasaurus. Of course, Mamasaurus has been right there all along. And when Babysaurus needs a little help, she is ready with a big hug and a sweet, leafy snack.



Mommy, Pick Me Up” by Soledad Bravi:

A little boy calls for help from his mom whenever he needs anything—help finding his pyjamas, assistance on the potty, or just a snuggle. Then he finally calls for his dad. Whatever could he want? This is sure to inspire giggles from both parents and kids, as they recognize parts of their own daily routines on these pages.



Mothers of the Village: Why All Moms Need the Support of a Motherhood Community and How to Find It For Yourself” by C. J. Schneider:

C. J. Schneider found herself in the middle of a perfect storm after giving birth to her third child and moving to a new neighbourhood. Conditions for misery and postpartum depression were ideal: she was isolated, lonely, and exhausted with three young children at home. So many mothers feel like something is out of joint, something is missing – and maybe the truth is that we’re all just missing each other.

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