A Cool New Way to Fundraise (and Support Your Favourite Charities)

Love music? Love giving back? Need to raise funds for a school team or club? Look to FundTunes! We love the idea of this brand new service, which just teamed up with Universal Music Canada to offer digital downloads with a portion of the proceeds going to the charity or organization of your choosing. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Find songs you love (the library offers everything from The Tragically Hip to Lady Gaga to Diana Krall to The Jonas Brothers).

Step 2: Choose a charity to support. Groups like the Canadian Cancer Society and MADD are already on the list.

Step 3: Buy songs in 5-song or 10-song bundles. $1.50 from each 5-song bundle and $3 from each 10-song bundle goes to charity.

Step 4: Enjoy your music. Feel good!

To register your Canadian charity, nonprofit organization, team, school, club, or community or theatre group, visit fundtunes.com, or email info@fundtunes.com or call 1.888.803.7526.

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