8 Great Grilled Cheese Recipes for National Grilled Cheese Month

No, seriously. This is not a carry-over from April Fools’ Day. Someone, somewhere down the line decided that one of the most tried-and-true lunchtime go-to sandwiches needed its own month.

The best we can figure is that this month of bread-y, cheesy celebration started with someone at Women’s Day Magazine at the turn of the 21st Century and has not lost any momentum since then. And why would it? There is an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to adding this-and-that to the grilled lunch champion, not to mention it makes a great companion to any warm-me-up soups. Is there anything a grilled cheese can’t do?

So, without further mouth-watering anticipation, we have collected eight separate grilled-to-perfection recipes; four from our very own recipe collection and four from other fabulous grilled cheese lovers.

Happy Grilling!

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