BingShopping Now In Canada

So, did you do it? Did you brave the crowds, the weather and madness to do a little cross border shopping last Friday? I didn’t. That sort of frenzy is really not my shopping forte. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a good deal, in fact I think I enjoy them more than the average gal. I am that girl who, whenever she receives a compliment, absolutely always feels the need to respond with a “Oh yeah, you like that? I paid [insert price here] for it!” You see, shopping is like a sport to me (in fact, it quite often replaces regular workouts, too). So when I heard about BingShopping coming to  Canada—and learned how cross border shopping was now easy year round—I was intrigued.

I have to admit I didn’t know a hell of a lot about Bing or the success of BingShopping in the States, but I was impressed at the launch. (Okay, they buttered  me up with martinis, a manicure and an Aussie tech guy, but I swear I fell in love before the second martini). Despite my trepidation with online shopping —I’m a touch-and-feel kind of girl and very fickle about fits and styles—there are perhaps enough features to make it worth my (and your) while.

Here are the basic details: It is a site that gathers thousands of products from hundreds of retailers and organizes them in a one-spot-shopping online haven. So what’s the big deal, other sites do that too, right? Well, it is the price comparison features that captured my bargain-loving, shopaholic heart. Say you’re looking for a new camera, you’ll not only be able to compare features and prices of a variety of cameras, you will also be able to check out the same camera, sold by different retailers to find the best deal, and, the best part, the site actually does the comparing for you. It includes similar products (plus their info and prices) on the same page, as well as a rating of how good the deal is and a graph of the price history, all information that will help you make an informed choice before purchasing (without the frustration of slow mall walkers).

Other fab features: it compares US prices, so if there is a major deal in the States, it shows you if the extra shipping costs are worth it (hence Black Friday deals to be found year round). You can also refine your search by the percentage of a discount you’re looking for or by a rating of how good the deal is (good, very good and great).

Beyond that, a special Cross Border tab shows you the top deals right now from the U.S. This feature, this seems a little dangerous to me. See this laptop? You can save over $1,600 by buying it in the U.S. right now. Now, I don’t need a laptop but for some reason my brain is telling me I need to save $1,600. See what I mean? Dangerous.

– Shannon, CF‘s Style Editor

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