Book Review: The Book of Awesome

It probably won’t make your top ten list or incite any type of personal revelation, but it is the type of book that you’ll continuously pick up, read a bit, smile, maybe even chuckle and put back down. You don’t need a bookmark; in fact it seems like the type of book that is better read when you just flip to a random page.

The chapters generally last anywhere from one or two sentences to ten pages, and they always end in “AWESOME.” But despite its basic conversational tone (it was created from a blog by Toronto-based Neil Parsricha of 1000 Awesome Things, who just recently hit his halfway point), and the lack of anything really informative or influential in the book, it does, however, have the power to inspire you to remember the small stuff, and how awesome it can be (“Sleeping with one leg under the covers and one leg out,” “Hanging your hand out the window,” “A good floss after a tough steak”).

Notable entries include: “Ordering off the fast-food menu:” We have yet to test the accuracy of this, but apparently Starbucks has a short cup, perfect for mid-afternoon fixes (without the jitters that accompany your second tall or grande of the day). “Strategic trick-or-treating:” Rich people are cheap, wear running shoes, use the buddy system and win big with after-hours treating (7-9 p.m.). And a relatable rant on the importance of “Backseat car windows that go down all the way.” AWESOME!

So on the Tuesday after our first (pre-)summer long weekend allow this light-hearted read to remind you that while you’re stuck in an office with bad air quality and too much work to take a lunch-time stroll, you can add potato chips to your sandwich, which is AWESOME!

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