Canada Day BBQ Ideas

As Canadians we look forward to summer for dozens of reasons such as toes in the sand, swimming in the lake and, most importantly, meat on the grill! While we certainly don’t need an excuse to throw some burgers on the barby, according to the 2009 Weber Canadian GrillWatch Survey, Canucks ranked Canada Day as the most popular grilling occasion, with birthdays coming in a close second.

This year’s GrillWatch Survey also revealed some other fun facts about the way Canadians grill: 8% of us fire up the barbeque at least once a week, with 78% of respondents preferring to cook in the great outdoors. Our top two favourite foods to grill are steak and chicken, and 63% of us reported hosting at least two barbeque parties last summer.

If you’re planning on hosting a barbeque this Canada Day (after all, it is our most popular day to grill), or for any other special summer occasion, then pick up the summer issue of CF, and enjoy our free grilling guide. Or, go here for great grilling recipes and tips.

What is your family’s favourite grilled food? We’d love to know!

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