It only takes 20 seconds to save child care in Ontario*

Without a commitment of provincial funding to cover shortfalls, municipalities in Ontario will start to cut child care subsidies starting in September 2009. We just can’t let this happen! The Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care has more info and a direct link to the Finance Minister so you can share your support for child care. It takes 20 seconds to fill out the message to the Ontario government reminding them that without more affordable child care, parents will not be able to work or go to school.

According to the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care, $600 million over the next two years will fund affordable child care that is ready to go, meet pay equity commitments for low paid staff and reduce poverty.

Without child care, we could see a longer and deeper recession. Parents can’t work without affordable child care. Log on to to register your support.

(*Well, e-mailing your support can’t hurt!)

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