City or Country Living: Which is Better for Families?

After hearing about a family friend’s child who was held up at gunpoint for his phone in downtown Toronto (the kid is 13 or 14, and was in a very nice part of downtown, we would like to add), we had one of those moments when we wanted to pack up and move to the country. But what we’d gain in safety, quiet and proximity to wide-open spaces, we might lose in other areas (access to friends, museums, galleries, shopping, activities, etc.). And given that a few of us staffers grew up quite happily in the ‘burbs, we don’t want to discount those nether-regions either: safe, quiet, access to shopping and activities, but also, some might say, a little bland.

Are you city folk, country folk or suburbian folk? Which do you think is better? Do you wish you were living somewhere else?

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