Diesel Flagship Store Opens in Toronto

This week we had the opportunity to visit Diesel’s new Canadian Flagship store in Toronto (at 92 Yorkville Avenue) and we were blown away. As consumers, we rarely get a chance to see oodles of Diesel stuff in one shopping trip, so it was a treat to view the entire line as a collection.

For those of you who aren’t very familiar with Diesel, let us tell you, they carry some of our favourite kids stuff! Yes, it is a little more expensive than the Joe Fresh and Old Navy styles of the kiddie fashion world; but, the jeans are built to last (and so cute! We love the little boys skinnies!), the colours are fresh and fun (lots of juicy tones and not too much black trying to turn your toddler into a hipster) and killer kids shoes that we only just discovered (seriously, we are talking jean sneakers that lace up to the knee!)

Now, back to the store. Everything was laid out beautifully, with the street-level floor giving face time to accessories, including some soft leather studded bags and the a pair of flat, barely there sandals topped with loafer-inspired tassels, and the top floor housing the majority of the lines fashions, including their Diesel Black Gold line – a little more pricey and little more fashion-forward, this section, as well many other of the stores pieces only come in limited quantities, which means the chances of you showing up in the same outfit as someone else to your next office party are greatly reduced. But, it also means you have to hurry in to get your size!

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