The 5th CD Release from Dog On Fleas

From Lima Beans to the 364 days of the year that are not your birthday, Dog On Fleas’ Beautiful World album is a celebration of… well… basically everything. And after nearly 10 years of providing kids with music to boogie to, they even manage to throw in a new dance step for kids to learn.

We love Dog On Fleas’ use of eccentric instrument choices—like the piccolo, African Udu drums and musical saws—but mostly we love that parents and kids can listen (without pretending to enjoy) together. Kids will enjoy the interesting sounds and quirky ways that Dog on Fleas and the rest of the bunch (check out ‘Babies’ to hear Francis England) use their voices to create a picture of what ever they are singing about. Parents will appreciate the diversity between the songs—hey, if you don’t like one song, don’t worry, the next will be completely different! One minute you’re listening to the title track “Beautiful World” in the style of a barbershop quartet, a couple songs later “Do You Wanna Know A New Dance Step” reminds us of a Prince remix and the next tune makes you feel like you’re at a Jack Johnson concert for the pre- and post-k crowd.

Oh, and if you are wondering about that dance step… it is called the Chocolate Rock (natch) and it will have your kid shimmying “like a mop.” Next order of business: a dance step that has the kids “doing the dishes.”

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