Drink Lemonade for the Heart & Stroke Foundation

We love hearing about kids who make a difference, especially when she’s a big-hearted, ambitious tween who’s been devoted to her cause since she was a toddler. Eleven-year-old Amanda Belzowski is holding her 11th Lemonade Stand this weekend to raise money for pediatric research at the Heart & Stroke Foundation—“lemonade stand” being a bit of an understatement, since hers includes pony rides, crafts, games, treats from Richtree Market and Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream, an auction (with prizes donated by David Copperfield and the Toronto Maple Leafs, among others) and much more. And Amanda’s younger brother Joshua is getting in on the action this year with is very own cookie stand!

With $102,087 raised to date, Amanda is hoping to bring her total up to $200,000 this year. To help her reach her goal, stop by Amanda’s 11th Lemonade Stand (at her home, 10 Brian Cliff Drive in Toronto) on Sunday May 31, 11 am-2 pm.

For more information (and an adorable photo gallery of her lemonade-stand-through-the-ages) click here.

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