Easy Ways to Encourage Your Junior Chef in the Kitchen

Few things are as maddening as dealing with a picky eater. On the one hand, you’re worried they’re not getting enough of the healthy stuff, and on the other hand, you’re scrambling around like a short-order cook to make sure each of your kids has something that will actually end up in their bellies and not in the garbage (or hidden in a shoe—we’ve seen it happen).

One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to expand your child’s tastes is to get them involved in the kitchen: the sense of responsibility and ownership a child feels after helping out with a meal makes kids much more adventurous when it comes to eating. They’ll understand what they’re eating and have seen how it’s made, both helpful for banishing hesitant habits.

Check out our Junior Chef Guide for a fantastic collection of recipes, tips and strategies to turn your kids in to junior chefs and adventurous eaters! You’ll also find a coupon for Catelli SmartTM pasta: another great option for picky eaters. Because it’s got 2 1/2 times the fibre of traditional pasta, you can still serve them their favourites like macaroni and cheese and spaghetti with snow (the term for Parmesan used by one certain child we know), while knowing they’re getting a healthy dose of soluble fibre. You’re happy, they’re happy: it’s a win-win!

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