Family Dinners Make a Comeback

A recent report that came across our desks from the group Eating Patterns In Canada (EPIC) reveals that a full 81 percent of respondents indicate that they eat dinner together as a family five to seven days a week. We think that this is great news, and hope the trend continues.

Not sure why family dinners are so essential? Here’s some food for thought:

• The Canadian Medical Association Journal found that children from families that eat together regularly are less likely to be overweight or obese.

• A Harvard study finds that dinner table conversations are the key to reading success.

• Family meals lead to well-adjusted adolescents who are less likely to do drugs, drink or be depressed, according to The National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University.

• Author Miriam Weinstein calls family meals “the magic bullet” because they are so powerful yet within reach of everyone.

• Family meals can protect children destructive eating habits and obesity concludes a University of Minnesota study.

When life throws so many uncontrollable situations our way, having family meals together seems like a relatively simple preventative antidote to keeping our kids on the right track. What are some favourites that you find are your go-to recipes? Send us yours and we’ll post our faves.

Some of our favourite dinner selections from previous CF issues are:
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