Family Tested Reviews: Nerd Block Girls

Check out what Canadian families are saying about the monthly kids toy subscription box - Nerd Block Jr. girls.


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Nerd Block Jr. is a mystery subscription box for children aged 6-11. Each month, a box filled with 4-6 items are shipped to your door. These items include toys, collectables, activity books and more.

This family thought the Nerd Block was a great gift or reward for good grades. All in all, this family was delighted with their Nerd Block.

As a mother of three daughters (Abby, 12 years old, Hailee, 9 years old and little Isabella who will be 1 in December) I have bought a lot of toys, gifts, gadgets and the like over the years.

I also notice the increasing difficulty in finding things that are unique but yet won’t break my bank account, after all I am Extreme Couponing Mom – that in itself should tell you I like to save my money!

Thankfully there are some amazing, creative folk out there that have come up with an amazing subscription box for kids called Nerd Block Jr. This subscription box gives you the option to get your box geared to a girl or boy for $13.99 + tax and shipping.

I recently reviewed the girl version of the Nerd Block Jr. with my two older daughters and have to say I was quite happy with the value and contents we received. There was something that suited both my girls in the box which was awesome. I really liked that I could split the box between both my girls!

Here was what we received:
My Little Pony Cupcake Keepsakes – Rainbow Dash ($12.99). This was perfect for Hailee, as she loves little keepsakes and still likes My Little Pony.

Giant Microbes Brain Cell Plush ($9.95). Abby totally loves this as she is into science. I like that it got her more interested in the human body and she went off to the computer to learn about brain cells!

Monster High Stickerland Sticker Pad ($3). Hailee loved Monster High, lets just say she may or may not have a lot of Monster High stuff. She was pretty excited to get this pad of stickers to decorate her school binders and notebooks.

The Trash Pack – 1 Trashie, 1 Toilet ($2). Abby totally claimed this as she thought it would make the perfect dresser décor in her room.

Hello Kitty Coin Keeper ($5.75). Another item for Hailee that she was thrilled with. Both my girls deliver our local newspaper in our neighborhood so they earn a bit of cash and she likes to take some change to school for the popcorn at the school store. This will help her keep it safe so she can get a sweet treat at school.

Gacha Balls Disney Epic Mickey 2 Collectible Figures ($5). Who doesn’t like Disney or Mickey Mouse for that matter? Abby loved this little figure and it has a nice home right beside Mr. Trashie and his toilet on her dresser!

The value of the box was around $38 and I have to say it is well worth the cost. I think this could be great as a reward for doing household chores, getting good grades and being well-behaved.

– Aimee Geroux, mom of 3, Richmond Hill ON.

This Enfield mom liked the variety of items – it was a huge hit in her house.

My daughter, Anna (age 7), was excited from the time the box arrived. When she opened it, she was thrilled with the contents. There were 6-7 little treasures, and she enjoyed discovering each one. They represented a good sampling of what is popular for that age group (Monster High and My Little Pony).

I liked that there was a variety of items inside and that she got so excited to open it. I also like the element of surprise. This would be a great present for a grandparent or someone who lives away – you don’t need to know what the child specifically likes (the company has a pretty good handle on that) and they would continue to get the present all year long.

I was disappointed in the quality of the items, but if the subscription includes multiple deliveries, the fun could make up for the lack of quality. Anna did not notice the quality and made the following comments:

“It’s like everything I like, all in one box!”

“Look Mommy, there is enough in here to share.”

“When are we getting the next one?”

Overall, if the indication of success is the child’s reaction then the Nerd Block Junior (Girl) was a hit at our house.

I would caution against saying that it is a “toy” subscription, as they were more like “trinkets” or “collectables.” I don’t really understand the “nerd” part of the name. As we are big Lego, science, and building-toy fans, I hoped it was more “blocks for nerds” to create or build with. While the website does a great job of explanation the intention and content of the product, other consumers might be mislead by this name as well if they do not research it.

– Jenifer Young, mom of 1, Enfield NS.

This family loved the surprise in the mail and would recommend Nerd Block to their friends and family.

My two girls (Mya, 5 and Alyssa, 3) were very surprised when their little purple box arrived. They loved the variety of all their favourite characters including hello kitty, monster high, my little pony and trash packs. They loves everything. This is a great product and I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family. Everyone love receiving fun packages in the mail full if surprises.

– Marla Pollard, mom of 2, Mississauga ON.

This family suggested the age range be lowered.

Both my daughters (ages 9 and 12 years old) were very excited about getting the package and wanted to open it immediately. Unfortunately, the excitement quickly diminished when we opened the box and saw what was inside.

NerdBlock Jr. is billed as being a mystery subscription box for children aged 6-11, containing 4-6 items including toys, collectibles, activity books, and more.  Our box was meant for girls and contained a My Little Pony Cupcake Keepsake, a Brain Cell stuffy (from Giant Microbes by Drew Oliver), a Hello Kitty coin keeper, an Epic Mickey 2 collectible, something called the Trash Pack (another small collectible) and a booklet of Monster High stickers.

When I found out we would be reviewing this product I had checked out the Nerd Block website to see what to expect. The photos show cute and cuddly stuffed toys, and girly action figures and collectibles like My Little Pony and Hello Kitty figures.  Well, the My Little Pony product we received doesn’t actually contain a pony, but rather a cross-eyed pony-ish figure that can be taken apart and stored as a cupcake in a little cake stand. Not something my daughter is going to add to her collection of pony toys.  The stand is probably the best part and my daughter said she’ll keep that to display something else.

The stuffed brain was grey and shaped like a brain cell – both girls were unimpressed. It’s not cute or cuddly, and even the 12-year-old said, “what kid wants to read about a neuron on the tag of a stuffed toy?”

Hello Kitty has never been popular in my house, so the coin keeper didn’t win based on the character alone. The Monster High stickers might get passed on to a friend because she’s kind of over stickers at this point and it’s 6 pages that are all the same. And the Epic Mickey collectible broke off the stand within minutes of being put together.

That leaves the Trash Pack. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The subtitle on the package is “The Gross Gang in your Garbage.”  It is a small squishy figure that comes in a plastic container shaped like a toilet.  Ours was “Boggy Borscht” according to the collector’s guide. Of all the packaged collectibles available on the market, I don’t know what they were thinking including this in the girl’s pack.

The overall value of the product was good, if your kids like the things that come in the box. Apparently the Cupcake Keepsake alone is worth at least $15 and the brain cell $10. But since nothing really appealed to my kids I would have been very disappointed if I had paid for it. Both girls thought that the age range for this product should be much lower, maybe 3 to 7 years of age.

The concept is great—the girls were really excited by the idea.  But the actual content got two thumbs down.

– Sherry Torchinsky, mom of 2, Winnipeg MB.

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