Family Tested: The Kemby Diaper Bag and Baby Carrier

When we came across this unique design we instantly thought brilliant! And, next we wondered… does it really work?

The Kemby Sidekick’s (price varies by retailer) convenient design combines the hands-free functioning of a baby carrier with the storage capabilities of a diaper bag (and includes a changing mat, diaper case, lots of pockets for bottles and mommy stuff and is made of easy-to-wipe materials).

Unable to decide for ourselves whether it is actually functional or just a novelty, we had one of our family testers try it out. Here’s what Karen Aschaiek (mom of and nine-month-old Rachel) of Toronto had to say about the bag:

PROS: “The combination of bag and child carrier is really innovative and quite convenient. I liked the zippered compartments and the bag itself was pretty funky looking. At first, I thought it was a little bit bright, but the colour grew on me. The bag has a lot of pockets and compartments and the magnetic latch on the front flap makes it easier to get into the bag than a clip or button. And when using the bag, people were attracted to it even before they noticed that it had the baby carrier attached.”

CONS: “The bag is a little bit small, and I had trouble fitting a package of wipes, several diapers and a change of clothes. The bag bumps against my thigh when I walk, and I’m not sure I feel comfortable letting her sit in the carrier without also supporting her with my arm.”

So there you have it, based on this testers feedback would you buy this?

Update: The makers of Kemby say parents shouldn’t worry too much about supporting their baby while using the carrier, the Sidekick has been tested and approved to carry up babes to 35 lbs. Beyond that, the bag does have a zippered compartment designed specifically to house wipes and a couple of diapers, leaving the majority of space in the bag free for  a change of clothes or anything else you may be schlepping.

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