Get A Second Opinion On Your Fashion Choices

We have a theory around the office. If we put it out there, it will happen. Case in point, our quite regular chocolate addiction fulfilled with a simple tweet (thanks Nestlé!), an invite to a certain bi-annual fashion and decor media sale, and now this.

Last week while driving to Montreal to shoot our summer cover (seriously, we can’t wait to share it with you—we’re finishing the issue up as we speak!), we were discussing the idea of personal shoppers. They’re great. Sure shopping by yourself is pleasant and self-indulgent, but you are always craving that voice of reason. Shopping with a friend is nice for a little giggling and a lunch out, but you can’t trust them—they are lying to you. You may not want to hear that, but it’s true. Depending on what type of friend you have, when you ask those four little words, “How do I look?”, they are going to lie to you for any one of these reasons:

a) they want you to fork over the money so they can borrow it
b) they’re going to the same event and want to look better
c) (and we really hope this is why they lie!) they are just too nice to tell you otherwise.

Well voila, your solution is No, it’s not a personal shopper, but its the next best thing (plus it’s free and totally anonymous!). Simply, visit the website, post a pic of you in the outfit in question (from the neck below to separate yourself from any style-induced shame). You state your question (Is this hip or haggard? New shirt: is it a keeper? Is this formal enough for a black tie affair?) and other site visitors then write replies, and vote “hanger up” or “hanger down” on your pic. This way you can purchase said items in question and return if necessary (just be sure to check that store’s policy before you buy). This is also great for the extra bulk in the back of your closet—the stuff you haven’t worn in months, years even—but have yet to get the courage to let go of.

And better still, you can vote on other people’s looks too! If you are a closet trendster or an avid people watcher, this may be quite therapeutic for you.

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