Gift Idea: The Warmest, Driest, Cutest Boots Around

It’s days like today–wet, blustery, cold–that make us wonder just how our ancestors felt when they faced their first winter while settling this vast land of ours. More importantly, it makes us wonder why they stayed. But, ah well, it’s home, and we love it, especially when we’re dressed for winter in a fantastic pair of MoovBoots.

Originally from Australia, these boots seem to be made for Canadian winters, and finally landed here this fall. These suckers are waterproof (no more icy seeping water hitting your socks), lined with sheepskin (no more toesicles) and absolutely adorable. They’re available at retailers across Canada and online, and would make a very lovely, cozy Christmas gift, if anyone out there is still stuck for ideas.

There are adult men and women styles available, though word on the street is the owner of the company is a new parent, so we’re hoping there’s a kids’ line available in the future. And yes, they’re a little pricey (they’re around $300 a pair when not on sale), but trust us: you’ll get so much wear out of these that they’re a wise investment.

Now all we can wonder is why anyone didn’t think of these sooner!

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