Giving Back to the Earth: Sweet Gifts from WWF Canada

As the holidays approach, we’re spending some time thinking about ways we can give back, both to our fellow families and to the world we all live in. Over the next week, you’ll be hearing a lot about some of our favourite charities and ways to give back this holiday season (and all year round).

Here’s one great gift idea from WWF Canada: a symbolic animal adoption!

For $40, adopt your child their very own endangered creature—whether it be a polar bear, a blue shark, a caribou, or a black-footed ferret (there are 17 animals to choose from). The money will go towards important wildlife initiatives and habitat conservation projects, and your wee one will receive a plushie, an adoption certificate and a reusable gift bag. Plus, $30 of your donation is tax deductible.

To make sure you get your adoption in time, place your orders by December 17th (or December 14th if you’re in a rural area).

Here are a few more ways to give back to the animals and environment this holiday:

• Keep more out of the landfills: save your holiday bows and ribbons to re-use.
• Wrap gifts in reusable or recyclable wrapping. Try holiday-themed fabric or newspaper comics.
• Opt for LED Christmas lights, and put everything on timers to make sure you’re not wasting energy.
• Whenever possible, recycle the packaging from toys and holiday gifts.
• Organize a family and friends local park clean-up party. Make sure you bring some hot chocolate, gloves for dirty work and garbage bags!
• Donate to or volunteer at your local animal shelter.
• Research the types of birds that visit your neighbourhood, and make a bird feeder filled with their favourite treats.

Tell us: what are your favourite ways to give back?

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