Great Cause, Plus Win Free Ice Cream!

With the holiday weekend just around the corner, we’re thinking about picnics, BBQs and ice cream. So when we were invited to the unveiling of Ben & Jerry’s newest creamy creation, we had to go. Turns out the big scoop is the ice cream guys from Vermont have joined forces with the Barenaked Ladies to serve up its first-ever Canadian flavour called “If I had a 1,000,000 flavours” (vanilla and chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups, chocolate-coated toffee chunks, white chocolate chunks and chocolate covered almonds for good measure).

But the best part is that a portion of the proceeds from the sales will go to supporting ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation, which champions adult literacy and the importance of family literacy. “We were delighted when we found out we were their charity of choice,” said Margaret Eaton, president of ABC CANADA, “The band really feels the cause and are wonderful examples of parents who are big readers with their kids.” Plus, “who doesn’t like ice cream, unless you have a dairy allergy,” joked Tyler Stewart, the band’s drummer and dad of two.

Want to try some? Email your name and address to with “ice cream” as the subject line, for your chance to scoop up 1 of 5 coupons for a free 500 ml tub.

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