Host A Yard Sale, Support The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

If you’re planning on hosting a garage sale this year consider joining forces with The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation to support the cause. It’s easy to do: simply register online (a mandatory $25 start-up fee registers your sale, so it can be found online, and gets you a yard sale kit, including a shirt, yard sign, balloons and posters), and plan to host your sale on May 29th. Afterwards, you choose how much money you’d like to donate (you can still save some of your profits to put towards a family trip or that new washing machine), collect your charitable receipt and feel good knowing you’ve helped contribute to the $650,000 already raised.

If you really want your sale to be a success, consider teaming up with your neighbors for a street-long sale or ask for donations. And, if you don’t have enough stuff for a sale, you can still get involved by shopping at one of the registered Yard Sales For A Cure.

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