If the Oil Spill Had Happened In Your Home…

Hate to start Monday morning with such a bummer, but this is a fantastic way to put the size of the oil spill into perspective.

At Ifitwasmyhome.com, users can overlay the size and shape over their own hometowns, as a way to help understand how big the destruction actually spreads.

It’s also a great tool to provide context for kids.

Based on a few tests, it looks like it would certainly swallow up all of Lake Ontario. If you centre it over Toronto, Southern Ontario is covered from past Bellville down to the US border at Niagara Falls. Farther north, the whole of Algonquin Park and much of Muskoka would be coated in oil.

If you want to help the WWF prevent oil drilling in Canadian waters in the arctic, visit their site to sign the petition and get more details.

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