It’s a Stroller. No, it’s a Bike. Actually, It’s a Bike-Stroller and We Want One!

Around the office everyone knows my mantra: just put a voice to your dilemma and the solution will find you. When my son was a baby I remember wishing for a highchair that would later turn into a booster seat, yet be something very stylish that would fit with my decor, and I found this.  When I mentioned to a friend that there should be a potty training book that also incorporated some kind of reward system, she pointed me here. In my small kitchen I wanted to avoid having one big refrigerator but still needed all of that cooling space. The perfect solution was these fridge drawers.

Just the other day I was thinking that I would love a bike that’s also a stroller and that’s a bike that turns into a stroller. And voilà—here it is. What inventions are you wishing for?

-Jen, CF’s editor in chief

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