Labels, Labels and More Labels (for Back to School, ‘Natch)

Kids' stuff needs to be are 7 great ways to do that from DIY to pre-made, we've got you labelled (er, covered)

Are you a labeller? Do the canisters in your kitchen and the bottles in your bathroom have wee, adorable tags on them explaining to on-lookers that this is where to find the coffee, coconut oil and flax seeds? If so then you’ve likely already labelled every last item of your kidlet’s clothing, outerwear and footwear. Congratulations, you go to the front of the line.

If you’re more like most of us around the CF office then you may have one t-shirt labelled from three years ago and perhaps wrote their initials inside their fave baseball cap this summer in the hopes it would come home from the soccer tournament…

In either case you might want to get some labels for their school stuff. At least that way you can differentiate it from the other kids stuff that looks EXACTLY THE SAME in the lost and found bin at school.

Why? Because kids loose things. It’s a fact of life. Our new philosophy? Label: Loose less.


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