Missing Mom

On Sunday, after I open the card from my daughter that she told me she’s already made at school (bless her can’t-keep-a-secret heart) and a gift from my hubby (pedicure please), my in-laws are coming over for brunch and we’ll have a visit with my dad and stepmother. It sounds like a great Mother’s Day except I will be missing my own mom who passed away when I was a teen. Like many other “motherless moms” out there, this day can be a tough one (when I was a new mom I wept because I missed her so much). However, I plan to enjoy my special day with my family and talk to my daughter about her Grandma Patricia and how much of her I see in my girl. So to all those moms out there who have lost their own mothers, I hope you find comfort in your own memories and wish you a very happy Mother’s Day.

—Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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