Movie Reviews by Kids: The Princess and the Frog

We’ve heard the buzz, we’ve seen the previews, and we wanted to know, how does The Princess and the Frog, Disney’s latest animated film, really stack up? We spoke to 9-year-old R. Henry Moore of Toronto, who gave us his glowing review. Consensus is: two thumbs up!

“I enjoyed the movie because I thought the concept of the movie—a hard-working girl whose father believes in her—is heart warming. There is nothing I disliked about the film. I would recommend this film to girls and boys who think they are not pretty or popular and who get made fun of because they are different. My favourite part of the movie was when Tiana’s mother is reading the book The Frog Prince to Tiana and Tiana’s friend, and they are all dressed up in princess dresses. I love when my mum reads to me. My favourite character was Tiana’s mother (played by one of my favorites, Oprah Winfrey) because she always encouraged Tiana to keep going and try her hardest.”

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