My DoItAll Game—Too Much?

The TOMY Corporation is releasing a new…er… game(?) today called My DoItAll. They have deemed it as an ‘all-in-one’ entertainment device and includes features like: a scheduler, journal, world map, periodic table, calendar and a function that allows up to six ‘players’ to partake in questionnaires, planning social activities and participating in mini games. It also includes some slightly more engaging features, such as creating your own ‘DoItAll avatar’ and a voice changer with special sound effects.

It is rated E for Everyone… but we can’t seem to figure out just who this game is actually for. While the components are standard for every PDA or SmartPhone on the market, is it really necessary for the pre-tween crowd (who seem to be the main DS market) to be attached at the hip with their personalized scheduler?

We want to know:
– What do you think of the My DoItAll?

– Do you know any kids that would use it?

– And the bigger picture: what age is the right age (and the right way) to start passing on parental responsibilities (like scheduling) to your kids?

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