Onebottle Challenges Toronto Schools

We all know it’s convenient to grab a case of water when grocery shopping and simply throw a bottle into our bag each morning, but what we don’t realize is how harmful it is to our planet.

Did you know that six out of ten bottles are not recycled in the province of Ontario and end up polluting our already over-crowded landfills? Toronto was one of the major culprits in 2007, putting 65 million bottles in the trash.

The stats are so overwhelming, we were having trouble knowing where to begin to help solve the problem. But then we discovered Onebottle, a Toronto company that’s determined eliminate the use of water bottles in our daily lives. 

Currently, Onebottle has taken their project to elementary schools by working with the Toronto District School Board to put a water filtration program in one elementary school into effect. In future, the company hopes to expand their program to several schools across the province.

Onebottle has also recently teamed up with fundraising committees in elementary and secondary schools to offer Onebottles at a wholesale price to students. This allows students to buy Onebottles for their family and friends and share the initiatives of preventing water bottle pollution with other Canadians. A great gift idea for eco-minded loved ones!

In addition to trying to save the planet with stainless steel water bottles, Onebottle is also donating one dollar of every bottle purchased to the World Wildlife Fund of Canada.

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