Online Shopping Just Got Better Thanks To

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a friend who knew about every single deal on every single thing* you’ve ever wanted to buy online? And could say to you: “I’ve compared prices across the country, and that is an AMAZING deal. You’re getting that for about 20% less than the fair market value.” Or: “You know what? You should really buy that from RetailerX in the States, because even with brokerage, shipping and duties, it’s still a better deal than anywhere in Canada.” Or: “I think you should wait: it’s likely you can find a better deal in the next few months.” Or: “If you want, I can tell you when the price drops to a certain amount. Just tell me how much you want to spend, and I’ll let you know if there’s ever a matching deal.”

Guess what? That friend exists! And her name is

The products showcased on this online shopping analysis site range from toys and games to instruments to appliances to shoes. Plus, it analyzes all the baby gear you could ever want: strollers, high chairs, clothes, potties… the list goes on.

And, best of all: it’s a site just for us Canucks!

We count this as reason #999,997 to love to the Internet.

*Every single thing is a bit of a stretch. But it has a lot of stuff.

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