Our Favourite Kid-Approved Halloween Show: Casper’s Scare School

Everyone’s favourite friendly ghost is going back to school in the animated series, Casper’s Scare School, on DVD now. The DVD features 12 episodes following Casper’s adventures with his best friends, a zombie named Mantha and and a mummy named Ra.

We asked Jen Reynolds, CF’s editor-in-chief, to take home Casper’s Scare School to watch with her 6-year-old son, James.

Mom Jen says that James “is afraid of his own shadow,” but was brave enough for Casper’s Scare School. James said the movie “is scary but it’s not too scary because all of the animals (the characters) look nice.”

James is a ghost expert, “He is going to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween because he wants to save the world from scary beings. He let me know that if he sees a ghost like Casper, he promises not to slime them.”

Jen enjoyed the show too. “I think it’s waaay better then the Casper The Friendly Ghost I remember because, obviously, the animation is better and much more colourful. I agree with James that the characters are much cuter.”

We think cute and colourful is always better than gory and gruesome.

Watch for our post this afternoon on more  favourite Halloween movies to watch this weekend!

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