Our Next Guest? Dr. Mom!

We’re very excited to welcome Annie from PhD in Parenting as our guest blogger next week. With a four-year-old son and two-year old daughter, it’s no wonder that Annie spends a lot of her time thinking and reading about issues relating to parenting. With so much info to keep track of, she decided to write it all down—and that’s how PhD in Parenting was born.

Recently nominated in the “Most Provocative Blog” category for the BlogLuxe awards, PhD in Parenting doesn’t shy away from those controversial, heated topics that get moms all fired up. Annie tackles hot topics like breastfeeding (she’s a proud lactivist), baby wearing, co-sleeping, and even parenting politics. Through her writing, Annie hopes to “help parents examine their choices and help society examine its assumptions on how we should parent.”

When she’s not blogging (or Tweeting), you can find Annie spending time with her family (she loves the outdoors, and encourages her kids to get outside and be active) or working hard as an entrepreneur (Annie became her own boss after the birth of her son).

We can’t wait to see what Annie has in store for us. Be sure to check back next week for her first post!

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