Posh Mom’s New Daddy Diaper Bag

There is nothing sexier than a man holding a baby. Maybe it is just our maternal feelings chiming in, but a guy who can fix the kitchen sink, change a diaper and still have time to grunt at the TV screen during a football game is a man after our hearts.

That being said, the floral print or purse-like bags that seem to dominate the diaper bag market can ruin the modern masculine image a bit; so, we were delighted when one of our favourite diaper bag designing mommies—Posh Mom—came out with her first bag for daddy (a great gift idea in case you missed father’s day!).

The Baron is handmade with gorgeous rugged leather and is stylish enough for even the most finicky daddies to schlep about town or to work (it can also be used as a laptop bag). Made for dad but with the functionality that moms expects, the Baron comes with a zippered compartment for your keys and phone, two interior bottle pockets as well as spots for wipes and diapers.

Visit her website for more information, or shoot her an email at info@poshmom.ca to pick one up for a stylish daddy that you know (bags are made to order, with prices starting at $300).

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