Putting the fun back in fundraisers

Between my daughter’s school and her not-for-profit daycare, there’s lots of fundraising going on. Some have been wildly successful (fun fairs), others not so much (really, truly I don’t need a giant vat of cookie dough). Our daycare recently asked parents for brilliant ideas to raise money and my friend came up with an Alice In Wonderland tea for moms and daughters which I do think would be fun, but that pretty much leaves our dads and sons and, well, girls who are not that fond of tea parties, out. This event would be in addition to three other fundraisers scheduled for the year. I am all for raising cash for the places my child spends the bulk of her day, but little drives throughout the year seem to wear parents down. In fact, I now wonder if simply asking parents for a $50 or $100 donation at the beginning of the year, as I have read of other schools doing, is perhaps the right way to go. I would love to know what other moms are doing for their schools and daycares. What gives you the biggest bang for your buck?

Robin, CF‘s senior editor

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