Quick And Easy Kitchen Makeover

Inspired by our online editor’s whole-house reno (check out her fabulous new bathroom in our summer issue), we thought we’d share a little secret about painted counter tops: they can look good!

Her coating of choice is Stone Effects epoxy. So, if you are thinking about painting your counters (which is a cost efficient way to update your entire kitchen), this is the product to use: very durable, high gloss and it has a hard-as-a-rock finish.

But a word of warning, the trip from drab to darling isn’t without it’s difficulties. Application is a pain: It dries very quickly, so you have to move fast; and, it’s very easy to introduce air bubbles and make a general mess of it. A good suggestion is to buy a practice epoxy set and find a disposable surface so that you can get your bearings¬†before attempting for real.

Post-painting tips:

– Like many counters, avoid putting super hot things or cut directly on the surface
– Finger print smudges can be problematic, especially with such a high shine, so keep a kitchen-safe cleaner close by

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