Scrumptious Super Bowl Snacks

Even if you’re not a football fan, there’s something fun about the build-up to the Super Bowl, and the big day is this Sunday! And for some of us, the best thing about Super Bowl is the food. We’ve got some perfect snacks to munch on while you’re watching the Saints battle the Colts (and The Who is playing half time).

You could make a case that chili is the quintessential Super Bowl food: here’s a tasty and quick Tex-Mex version. Or perhaps you’d prefer your chili slathered onto a baked potato?

If you’re a potato fan (who isn’t?), try these delicious potato-skin pizzas. Everyone in the family can dress them as they like. Sweet potatoes stand in for nacho chips in this healthy veggie version of nachos.

And don’t forget something for munching: this salty sweet snack mix will satisfy any football-related craving.

And just to balance things out with a little bit of healthy, wash everything down with this Mango-Banana Smoothie: full of  fruit, yogurt and great-for-you flax.

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