Charity Comes with a Good Night’s Sleep

Have you ever donated to a charity and then wondered as you tossed and turned at night, “how much of the money I gave actually goes to help the cause?” We do, too. Recently in the Globe and Mail, Roy MacGregor profiled one charity that will never give you a restless night.

Sleeping Children Around the World is a truly unique charity. One hundred percent of every dollar raised ends up in a bed kit. Volunteers put the kits together and volunteers, at their own expense, travel to the most needy areas of the world to live up to Murray Dryden’s (yes that Montreal-Canadiens-goalie-turned-politician’s dad) belief that a safe and good night’s sleep is a basic right of childhood. The bed kits are made in the country they are distributed in, so even the local economy gets a boost.

2009 marks the year that the millionth bed kit will be distributed. In Canada we take having a bed and a good sleep for granted.  So tonight, when you tuck your little one in under the sheets, think about Sleeping Children Around the World. Buy a bed kit or two—they’re only $35—and have a good night’s sleep knowing your money is well spent.

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