Smories: Online Videos Of Kids Reading Stories

Besides having a wicked name, Smories is a great place to go when you need a smile.  The site was originally created as a place for kids to go to have stories read to them by other kids. Which we think is great, especially for kids just learning to read (they may be inspired to see kids their own age reading to them) and because kids just love being with, watching and listening to other kids.

But as nice of a thing as it is for kids, we think parents will get a kick out of it too. Using a handheld Flip camera (no visible tripod) in a home-y environment (aka not a studio), we love how real and unedited the story-telling feels, and, accents aside, these kids could be any one of the rugrats on our street telling us one of their crazy stories, of which they do quite frequently.

So where do the Smories come from? Basically, aspiring or recreational authors can send in their stories. Accepted stories are filmed for the world to view, meaning lots of promotion, including an author’s bio and they get to keep the rights. People can film a child reading their story, too.

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