Spring Forward: This Saturday don’t forget to move your clocks ahead!

Personally, we prefer the fall time change over this “losing an hour” nonsense, but we are going to look on the bright side this year and think about the fact that we are that much closer to warmer weather. So, we plan on devoting that entire hour to the joy that is a nearly-done Canadian winter. Perhaps a brisk morning walk to boost our energy, or a midday soak in the tub or a refreshing drink on a patio.

Deciding on the best way to spend this “free hour” made us think: what would happen if everyday was daylight savings and we had an extra hour each day? Would anyone actually put it to good use or would it ultimately get wasted away as another hour of sleep? So, we want to know: how you would use an extra hour per day?

Okay, we’ll start… we’d use half of the the extra hour to clean our office closet full of toys, gear and other goodies (yes, it really does require that much attention!) and we’d use the other half hour for a post-dinner family walk.

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