Swap Mamas: Second Hand For The Techie Mom

We just discovered a site that combines two of our favourite things: frugal shopping and social media, and if we can get both things in one place, than that makes us a happy mama.

Banking on the economic condition of the past couple years, the mommy behind Swap Mamas decided to make it easier for moms to get rid of their used and no longer needed goods. The site hosts swapping circles that are divided by region or by groups of similar interests/purpose (for example, maternity clothes by size, DVD swaps, costumes, gift card exchanges, and even free advice!) People then make specific postings (think Craiglist – but more friendly and less sketchy) for items they wish to swap or gift (the site promotes gifting, which basically means instead of exchanging items people just give away their unwanted goods for peace of mind, some karma and extra living space!) Those interested respond and work out the details.

One of our fave sections on the site is the crafting section. What a great idea—we can’t tell you how many times we’ve looked for a couple dozen postage stamps or bottle caps and have come up empty handed. Everything from extra Popsicle sticks to scrapbooking supplies are available on the site (and to think we got brain freeze last summer attempting to make a Popsicle house!).

So far there are only 84 members so the pickings are still a little slim, but the American version has quickly grown to nearly 7,000 community members, and we know that this is a trend that will definitely pick up among the online mommy-set.

So, what items in your house would you like to gift? After this weekend, we’d have to say our chocolate (or else it’ll be all of our clothes because they will no longer fit!)

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