The Last Thing the World Needs: Disposable Hand Towels at Home

We get all kinds of products sent to us for review and heaps upon heaps of press releases. The ones we love, we talk about: part of our job as members of the media is to analyze and disseminate helpful information to the public. The products that we don’t care for usually go unacknowledged.

But then sometimes, like yesterday, we get a product that is so ridiculous, so unnecessary, so frustrating, that we feel it’s important to comment on it (and don’t get us started on some of the packaging these things come layered in. It’s enough to make you weep.).

Yesterday we opened a cardboard box to discover yet another cardboard box: a box of brand new Kleenex Hand Towels. Cloth hand towels are dirty, claims the press release, even if they look clean. And it’s important to protect your family from germs by using disposable hand towels in your home, it explains. They’ve even angled the box so that you can rest it on your towel rod.

Most of our readers are probably already cringing (and we love you for it), but for those of you who aren’t, consider this: just as everyone seems to be finally getting the message about habitat destruction, consumerism at the cost of the environment, waste and pollution and so forth, here comes a company who has decided that they can fulfill an “unmet need” by creating MORE waste. These hand towels are not biodegradable, nor recyclable. They’re simply used and discarded. And goodness knows what kind of chemicals are used in their manufacturing.

We can’t claim to be absolutely flawless eco-warriors, but we’re doing our best, and we expect the companies we support to do the same. We’ll stick to our cloth towels, thanks. And might even go back to handkerchiefs too.

We want to know: what do you think of disposable hand towels?

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