Tim Hortons Losers are Country Style Winners

We would like to give a slow clap to Country Style’s new marketing scheme that for a limited time makes a winner out of every Tim Horton’s loser.

The less-frequented chain has taken notice of the burgeoning gap between coffee-buying and prize-getting at their competition and is offering their condolences by handing out a free medium-sized cup of joe to anyone who comes in with a ‘Sorry Try Again’ cup (contest ends March 8th).

Sure, we understand that you may feel a bit sheepish asking for the first cup of free coffee after spending your money paying for caffeine elsewhere, or that maybe you’ll feel as if you are cheating on your loyal brown paper cup of choice, but hey, this is the recession baby, and free tastes good any way you pour it (or anywhere).

To find the closest Country Style to you, click here.

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